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Communicating Result 

Successfully communicating LCA results is key in supporting decision making. The following section provides an overview of what should be included when communicating the results of an LCA study. When communicating LCA results it is often recommended to follow requirements detailed in ISO 14044. This may, however, not be practical when the goal of the assessment is to support planning process stages. The following sections present the information that should be included when LCA results will support an infrastructure project.

6.1       LCA practitioner, as well as target audience

Together with providing information on who has carried out the LCA, specifying the target audience provides a clearer understanding of how the results are communicated.

6.2       LCA tool and database

LCA tools and associated databases have a significant impact on the results of an LCA. This is true even when the same set of standards and guidelines is followed, as results may vary due to the specific methodological choices that are built in to an LCA tool, such as what parts of each life cycle stage are included. Also, generic LCA data sets are developed with specific assumptions that may vary between databases.

6.3       planning process stage

Including the actual planning process stage of the LCA study when communicating results allows for a clearer understanding of the methodological choices made.

6.4  Goal and Scope

It is recommended to include the goal and scope of the LCA study when communicating LCA results. This should include the functional unit, the product system level and the selected assessment period.

6.5 Recommendation​

Expertise of LCA calculations is needed for presenting the results and providing a recommendation based on the findings of the LCA study. To provide useful decision support, it is recommended that the presentation of LCA results is followed by a recommendation based on the findings of the study. An LCA expert can interpret the numbers in the results, evaluate impact categories and provide a clear recommendation on what alternatives would be preferable from an environmental point of view. As LCA results may be challenging to interpret for a non-LCA expert, providing a recommendation based on the study results shifts the task of result interpretation to the LCA practitioner or the Project manager and ensures that the information reaching decision makers is clear.

 Presenting the results in a clear short document where the front worksheet covers points 6.1 to 6.4 is recommended. Subsequent worksheets can present the results in diagram and table form and finally provide a recommendation statement. Depending on the audience, developing a more extensive and even ISO 14044 compliant report may be more suitable. The format and delivery of results should be agreed upon in advance together with the intended audience.

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