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Procurement of LCA Services

Outsourcing LCA services provides a viable alternative when the necessary competence is not available within the organization, or when the work volume does not justify the cost of maintaining internal resources and LCA software license fees. When procuring LCA services it is recommended to consider awareness and compliance of the service provider to ISO 14040/14044 and EN 15804 standards, as well as the content of the present document. In addition, it is recommended to ensure that the service provided will be using LCA tools and databases that comply with methodology and data quality requirements defined in ISO 14040/14044 and EN 15804 standards.

9.1 Methodological considerations

Awareness and implementation of ISO 14040/14044 and EN 15804 standards provides a foundation for delivering LCA related services to the level of quality needed. Following the methodological principles defined in the standards and this guide will ensure consistent study definition and modelling principles and minimize margins of error.

 In addition, it is recommended that LCA service providers ensure that the content of this guide, together with national versions of the document, is followed during LCA project delivery. This is important as specific methodology and implementation related issues are addressed, which have a profound impact on the quality and consistency of the study.

9.2 Applied LCA tools and LCA databases

LCA service providers will have access to LCA tools and databases available in the market. Examples of such tools are Klimatkalkyl, VegLCA, One Click LCA and FORE. Proficiency in working with specific tools is recommended to ensure project delivery quality and efficiency.

 In addition, it is recommended that LCA service providers as users of the tool and even tool developers demonstrate that applied software and databases are in line with standardization and data quality requirements presented in this guide and in national guidelines. This will ensure that the methodological principles defined in this guide can be followed.


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