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 About NordFoU

NordFoU’s Steering Committee has the overall responsibility for prioritizing and organising the research and development activities of NordFoU.
The Task Force has the responsibility to propose and process project proposals. The Task Force also approves individual project proposals.
The General Secretary has the responsibility of identifying common research needs and coordinating initiatives, with reference to the Task Force, which can facilitate a bigger research effort, including an exchange of information regarding national R&D initiatives and relevant seminars, conferences, etc. and he also has the responsibility of spreading the knowledge of NordFoU and its cooperation tools within the Nordic road directorates.

The chairmanship of the Steering Committee and of the Task Force is alternately taken care of by the different NordfoU countries. This year the chairmanship is managed by Sweden.​
Mission and Vision
The NordFoU cooperation is based on the following strategic basis:
NordFoU is a co-operation between the national Nordic road administrations to initialize, finance and run R&D projects.
To run and develop R&D with respect to innovation, synergy and development of Nordic R&D environments for the benefit of the Nordic road and traffic systems.
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Iceland
  • Faroe Island​
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