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How do you start a project at NordFoU?

What do I need to do?
Within NordFoU the distance is short from a good idea to the start of a project. In order to start a project at NordFoU you must:

  1. Write a short project proposal
  2. If the project is approved, make a detailed project plan.
  3. When the project plan is approved, you must ensure that all partners agree and sign a project contract.

There are templates for the project proposal, project plan and contract. You find all the templates here.

The project proposal and project plan should be sent to NordFoU's Acting General secretary:
Marianne Worm

Who can send a project proposal?

NordFoU invites all employees from the Nordic road directorates to send in proposals for a project which could be of interest for two or more countries. 

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